Professional Web Design and Web Development

At Simple Web Works, we develop professional websites for small to medium businesses, non-profit organizations, and even consumers. Our website development and design philosophies center on our customers and we remain focused on the success of your project at all times. Our approach sets us apart from our competition and lets our customers feel completely involved and in control of their design project at all times.

We know how to work with you to develop your website ideas into a powerful online solution that drives visitor traffic and helps you generate more business, not waste money. We look forward to working with our clients every day and we are passionate about what we do.

Currently featured websites:


JunkMax is a junk/waste removal service provider in the Lubbock area that is rapidly growing and expanding. When we met with them the first time, though, you couldn't tell by their website. Using our Graphic Framework and Rapid Deployment System, we built 1-800-JunkMax a website that they were proud to show their customers.


When our relationship started with Brian and Linde Waller of Brian Waller Custom Homes & Remodeling, their company was still a part of Minnix Companies and we were a part of a different company. Though they appreciated the original partnership, they felt it was time to branch out and create their own image. This included several things, most importantly being a brand new website.